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Let us look at online roulette. The roulette games that have been a favorite in your local casino are available at all online casinos.
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Bet to win at casinos online Win at Online Casinos Roulette in a nutshell
  This game is played by the roll of a small white ball in one direction inside a trough which has a numbered, slotted wheel that is spun in the opposite direction. When the ball has come to rest in a slot the winning number combination is declared. There are 18 red slots and 18 black slots. On the European roulette wheel there is one green slot for the number 0, whilst on the American based wheel there is an additional 00 green slot.

So, we have 36 black or red numbered slots plus either one green slot for 0 or two green slots for 0 and 00. Roulette is most definitely a game of chance, with fixed odds. Why do we say that? Well, the little ball has an equal chance of falling into any slot. You are quoted fixed odds by the casino so go ahead and work out your risk profile with a simple calculator. Played in groups of up to eight persons, each player plays against the roulette wheel and not against each other. Irrespective of whether you play online roulette or in a land based casino, the game strategy is much the same.

Betting options for Roulette

There is a lower percentage edge for the House when playing on the European Roulette wheel with a single 0 slot (house edge is 2,7%) than on the American Roulette wheel with the additional 00 slot (house edge is 5,26%), but bear in mind that at all times each betting round is unrelated to the previous. When betting on roulette you have several options open as to where to place your bet. On the layout, you have the Inside Bets and Outside bets.

Your Inside bets

  • Single Numbers, Zero or Double Zero have a 35 - 1 pay ratio.
  • Split bets, where you would bet on the line separating two numbers have a 17 - 1 pay ratio.
  • Corner bets, by placing your bet on the line intersecting 4 numbers has a 8-1 pay ratio.
  • Street bets, you would bet on a row of three numbers by placing your bet on the line at the edge of the row, this has a 11-1 pay ratio.
  • Special Line Bet, this is made by placing your bet on the 5 adjoining numbers of 0,1,2,3,4 & 5 on the European Roulette wheel, or on the numbers 0,00, 1,2 & 3 where you are playing the American Roulette wheel, with a 6 - 1 pay ratio.
  • Line bet, played much the same as for the Street Bet, except you would place your bet on 2 rows simultaneously with a pay ratio of 5 - 1.

Your Outside bets

  • Dozens, by playing on the 3 horizontal sets of numbers has a 2 - 1 pay ratio.
  • Odds or Evens give you an even money pay ratio.
  • Red or Black gives you an even money pay ratio.
  • Column bets, by playing one of the 3 vertical columns of numbers gives you a 2 - 1 pay ratio.
  • Betting on numbers 1-18 (excluding the 0) or betting on the numbers 19-36 will give you an even money pay ratio.

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Spin Palace Casino

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