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The world of online casino bonuses is interesting. They're a magnet to new players. Is it that simple? Do you get money for free?
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Bet to win at casinos online Win at Online Casinos Bonuses at Online Casinos

Online casinos operate without the traditional tools to promote a casino like the Vegas boys do, you know, the free drinks, the free accomodation, the limos, the buzz! What they have to do, besides having top class software, is give players bonuses and loyalty points to reward them for their custom. Getting a player to walk through the door is hardest, and this also applies to the best online casinos - they have to create some really lucrative First Deposit Bonuses out there which most online casinos offer.

The following casino bonus guide is to help you the player to understand that there are rules and regulation that are applied to the different types of bonuses offered - but please bear in mind that they will also differ from one Casino to the next.

Staying on the subject of Poker, the bonuses offered very often are different to those offered for Blackjack, Slots and other Casino games. Poker Online Rooms offer a great many bonuses that are at times coupled with daily, weekly and even annual poker tournaments including freeroll poker tournaments.

Whether you are gambling at a casino online or betting on sports results, the internet, means you have one less reason to leave the comfort of your couch.

Lets take a quick look at what is included in your bonus package at the online casinos.

  1. Wagering Requirement. You can't expect to deposit $50, get another $100 free, and then cash the whole lot out. That would be theft and the online casino would go bust! No, what really happens is that you are set a challenge. As you know, you bet $5 you win you lose and then win and then lose and then win. End result is you may still only have the same balance in your account but you have wagered $25 in the process. This then is the way your challenge is set out. Your deposit and casino bonuses are normally added together and multiplied out by a factor (lets say 10 for this example). So, deposit $100, get $200 free. Wager $300 times 10 equals the amount of $3000 that must be wagered.
  2. Game restrictions. In line with the above requirement, a few games are normally excluded from play when you use bonus funds. As you can imagine, roulette with it's even money black or red, odds or evens, and so forth is a prime candidate for exclusion. You would meet the wagering requirements without even taking a risk!
  3. Deposit methods. Credit Cards have been abused by players and many casinos have been left holding the short end of a non payment (known as a charge back). The result is that the casinos want the players to use the likes of NETeller where the likelyhood of non-payment is heavily reduced. Also, these additional payment methods are often cheaper than card transactions. You can thus expect to find extra bonuses on offer if you use an "approved" means to transact when you play online casino games.

Now, online casino bonuses can be structured differently. We list the common bonus types to assist your understanding of the casino bonuses concept.

  1. Normal Bonus. Normally applies to your first deposit or to your first few deposits. You deposit a certain amount and you will have a certain percentage deposited into your account by the casino. Be aware that these bonuses usually have a maximum amount.
  2. Sticky Bonus. Here, the bonus money is put into your account and can be used to generate profits. But, when the time comes to cash out, the casino bonus money is first removed from your account before you cash out.
  3. Loyalty Bonus. Loyal customers generally get mailers from the casino with regular competitions and special bonuses that often apply to a specific game or specific hour or day of the week. Similar to a "happy hour" would be a fair example.
  4. Mystery Bonus. Scratch card and Wheel of Fortune type methods are used to let the player have a chance at a huge bonus. The lesser bonuses are not to be sneezed at neither though.
  5. Free Money, No deposit required. Some of the Best Online Casinos will hand out free cash so that the prospective player can get a taste of what the casino has to offer. Of course, this free money usually has a cash out limit.

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The Best Online Casinos Guide for the weary Internet Traveller