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Play online baccarat - Baccarat is considered one of the easiest casino games, which requires minimum player skills.
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Bet to win at casinos online Win at Online Casinos Baccarat Basics
  Baccarat is considered one of the easiest casino games, which requires minimum player skills. In case we would take into consideration the elegant appearance and wealth of people who commonly play baccarat in land based casinos, we could believe that this is a game which can be accessed only by privileged players. Since it has no complicated rules, robably not difficulty of the game of baccarat is what made the game to be played especially by select communities.

The rules mentioned below are those that apply in the U.S. baccarat, called mini baccarat or punto banco, one of the most widespread versions of online baccarat.

Basic rules of Baccarat

In most of the current traditional and online casinos, baccarat is played with eight complete decks of cards, but there are places where it is played with six or one deck. At first the players must make their bets before the cards are distributed.

What kind of baccarat bets can be placed? There are three options from which players can choose: Bet on the player's hand, Bet on the bank's hand, Picking the tie.

We must warn you that despite the descriptions of the stakes, the term "player" does not refer to the customer, and the word "bank" does not refer to the online casino room or house, they are simply betting options.

What is the goal of the baccarat game? The main goal in baccarat is to bet on hand, either on the player's or the dealer's hand, and to get the score closer to 9. There is a third case: when you are betting on the player's hand and the dealer's hand will have the same score; in this case there will be a draw.

What payments can you receive? In case you win, you will receive a payment equivalent to the amount wagered, ie 1 to 1; but if a player bets on banking and the casino wins, they will charge a commission of 5%. The commission can be paid when the cards are completed or at the end of the game.

If you win a bid to tie, you will receive an 8 to 1 payment, and in some cases 9 to 1. But you must not let the winning bets payments fool you. To find out what bets you like more, you should visit pages which offer information about baccarat strategies.

Who can play? The dealer is not responsible for distributing the cards, this task rotates among the players who will spend the deck of cards clockwise. The player who splits represents the hand of bank. But the player should not take any risk to represent the bank, in fact, the casino remains the bank and therefore it finances the game. The player who acted as the bank is not required to bet on the hand with it. If you do not want to cards to the next player, the same person will continue while the hand of the bank continues to win.

When starting the game four cards are dealt, alternately for two hands: the player and the dealer's hand. The first and third card is for the player, and remain unfolded. The second and the fourth card are for the bank, and also remain unfolded until the player plays. At this time, the bank places the second and fourth card face up.

Card values: the Aces worth 1; cards between 2 and 9 worth the number shown on them, and the 10, Jacks, Queens and Kings (and here is largely the originality of baccarat) are worth 0 (zero). As can be deduced, in baccarat, unlike Blackjack, you can not "break", ie, exceed the value of the score needed to win, which in this case is 8 or 9. When the sum of your two innitial cards has two digits, the first one does not count. That is, if you have two sevens, the sum of the cards is 14, and the value 10 is worth zero, it subtracts 10 to 14, and then you have 4 points.

What is a 'natural'? If the first two cards you are dealt total 8 or 9, your hand is called 'natural' and it means that you won. In the case of two naturals of equal value a draw takes places and none of the two hands wins at first; if a 'natural' is an 8 and the other one is a 9, the second beats the first.

Keep these simple rules in mind when you choose to play online baccarat and enjoy the game!

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