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What are we supposed to do? You really think any one person can hold all the truths accurately? Not likely! Read on.
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Bet to win at casinos online Win at Online Casinos Bet to Win Online Site Disclaimer
  Will we try and present a true and clear picture? Of course! We make an income from ongoing success and NOT from one off success. If we sent a player to a casino and they hated every moment, they would walk away and that would be game over for casino and us. We actually try our best to find good casinos for everyone. You must also know if you are legally allowed to gamble online. We do NOT know every law in the world.

  • Gambling site - We are a site based on opinions and information. Informed opinions but opinions none the less. You can't gamble on this site.
  • Information - The information we keep on this site is updated regularly but nowhere near as quickly as each individual casino can make changes of their own. By all means take note of the interesting offers, the lucrative deals, and the mouth watering games. However, when you get to the casino site make sure to read their promotions information and the terms and conditions. These can be changed and are often changed.
  • Legality - Gambling is illegal in certain jurisdictions. We cannot determine the legal status of online gambling for each of our visitors. We would suggest that you first check with your local authorities before gambling online. Useful links:
  • Age - It is commonplace for the legal age to gamble to vary from state to state, country to country, and county to county. Sorry, we cannot list them all. You will need to check these with your local authority.
  • Gambling problem - There are many signs to point to a gambling problem. Anyone who spends more than they would like to on gambling has a problem. Anyone who gambles with money that is needed to survive on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis has a problem. People who sacrifice the real needs of themselves and their family have a problem. Don't do it. It isn't worth it. Useful Links:
    National Council on Problem Gambling
    Note - We have listed these links as an aid to the visitor. The fact that we listed these links on our site in no way whatsoever emplies that these worthy institutions endorse this site in any way whatsoever.
  • Liability - We have tried to list valid information and to offer good pointers to great games and casinos. Take heed that we do not have insight into the casinos balance sheets. Take heed that gambling is in fact generally a game about losing. We cannot be held responsible for your decisions. We offer opinions and not guarantees.
  • Arbitration - We have regular contact with casino staff. We list casinos where we believe we can be heard if a player we refer has a problem with a ruling. The casinos decision is final but we do offer to arbitrate in the event of a dispute.
  • Casino Rules - We do remind you that online casinos have comprehensive rules and that it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the casinos rules before playing there.
  • Acknowledgement - By using the information contained in this site, you hereby agree to the terms of the disclaimer.
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