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Playing online blackjack is probably the lowest risk you will take. It's a 98% plus game that can make you an online casinos winner!
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Bet to win at casinos online Win at Online Casinos Playing Online Blackjack
  Blackjack is a very simple Card Game, yet there are a great many strategies and tips offered throughout the Internet. The quantity of cards that you may ultimately receive will be dependant on the first two cards dealt. The objective of the game is to reach the number 21, however, this means playing against the Dealer. You do not at any time play against your fellow Players.

With your first two cards the most powerful hand value that you can have is 21, and this hand will contain an Ace and a ten value card and called a "natural blackjack". The dealer will pay you out three chips for every two that you have bet when you have blackjack, unless the dealer also has a blackjack.

Blackjack Games Rules: The player is the one who gets to determine when to "hit" (take another card), "stand" (stop taking cards) or "fold" (return cards to Dealer), "split" (in the case of receiving two of a kind), or "Double Down" (double your wager in a favourable situation). The dealer however has his own set of rules that govern his play, he has to hit until he has reaches 17 or more. For every player that has the hand value less than or equal to 21, and greater than that of the Dealer's hand will win the amount equal to his wager. However should the Dealer have a hand value that is less than or equal to 21 but greater than that of the Players, the Players lose their bet. Should the occasion arise that the Dealer and the Player have the same hand value, this is known as a "push", which means neither Dealer nor Player win or lose. However should you go over 21 you are "bust" and you lose your entire bet.

A "split" will only take place should the first two cards dealt to you be of equal value. All the face cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks)and Tens are of equal value – Ten, and an Ace may be taken as either 1 or 11. When a Player splits their hand, they will effectively be playing with two individual hands. First you play with your right most hand and then it is followed with your left hand. Should you draw and Ace to a split Ten, this is NOT a Natural Blackjack. However the Dealer will have to get a natural Blackjack in order to beat any hand of 21.

Should you want to "double down" you will need a hand that consists of two cards. As it implies this move means you double your original wager. You are then only dealt one additional card to complete you hand. There are Casinos that restrict double down options by simply not allowing one to double down on a split hand, and/or only allowing a Split when your two card hands total Ten or Eleven. Doubling your wager when a favorable situation arises can appreciably add to your advantage. So it is the best for you to seek out the Casinos that have the least restrictive double down rules of play.

Insurance: This option is just another form of wager that the Players are offered when the Dealers face up card is an Ace. When one takes the insurance option they are in fact betting that the Dealer HAS Blackjack. The cost of the insurance bet is one-half your original wager, and the payoff should the Dealer have a Natural Blackjack is two-to-one. In effect, the Dealer will pay you by simply leaving your original wager on the table, as a two to one payoff on an Insurance wager that is one-half your original wager, is in fact equal to your original wager. Insurance is taken out against the Dealer normally only when the Dealers face up card is an Ace. The Dealer would under these circumstances, irrespective of players having taken out insurance or not, check his face down card, and in the event that it is a Ten or Face card, he will immediately call a Natural Blackjack.


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