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Play online poker with the Nutz out there. Poker is big business and Online Poker reflects this. Meet your buddies online for a game.
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Bet to win at casinos online Win at Online Casinos The world of Online Poker
  Let us guide you to Multiplayer online poker games, one of the fastest growing pastimes on the Internet today. As you are playing against other Opponents, the House does not have the edge as is the case with normal online casino games. You are now able to play against your friends without leaving your home. It is up to the players to fund the games as the house only gets their cut for providing the facilities.

The game has become so popular that it is not uncommon to find hundreds if not thousands of players online. With the great amount of players and games, it is not difficult to find a game that best suites you and your pocket. The poker rooms are generally run by fanatical poker players themselves so you can expect to finds loads of useful information on the typical poker room website. Here though is a brief list of the main poker games offered by the various online poker rooms.

Texas Hold'em

Being a fast and fun variation of Seven Card Stud it is the game of choice when is comes to Poker Tournament Championship Events. To start there are two cards (Hole Cards) that are dealt face down to each of the players followed by a betting round. A further three cards (Flop cards) are dealt face up in the center of the table and are part of each players hand. There is then another betting round. Another card (turn card) is dealt to the center followed by another betting round. Your final card (river card) is dealt to the center and the final betting round takes place. The hole cards of the bet and called hands are turned over and the winner is determined by the highest five-card hand.

Seven Card Stud

This could be one of the easiest poker games to learn and is probably the most well known of all. Seven unique cards are dealt to each player, with the first two cards (hole cards) face down and one face up. A further 3 more cards are dealt face up to each player with betting rounds in between. The final card is dealt face down with the final betting round following. The winner is then declaed by the best five-card hand.

Omaha Although this is the action variation of Hold'em and dealt in a similar way, Omaha has the players starting with four cards dealt face down instead of two. Out of the hand two face down cards must be used with three on the board which will make your best five-card hand. As there are six two-card combinations in each of the players hands rather than two, there are therefore far more drawing opportunities for each players than in Hold'em. This creates a fast-paced, exciting poker game.

Omaha (8 or Better)

This is dealt in the same manner as Omaha except for the fact that the "best" (highest) and "worst" (lowest) hands split the pot. The aces count for low in low and either high or low in high. A straight (A-2-3-4-5-) is the best low hand to have. In order to win low you need to have a hand with an 8 low or lower. As there are different two-card combinations that can be used from the same hand for either high or low, this allows the same player to win both the high and low hand, and receive the entire "Pot"


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